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    PhotoWorld Asia 2016 then meeting with the Troopers and Boba Fett homies

    I thought this is my first post this month. ^^;;; I know I even missed a couple of gratitude Mondays. I’ve been so busy especially because the boss is currently around. I can’t wait for some downtime. I can’t wait for the non-working holiday next week. I could relax and play Witcher 3. How did your Valentine’s Day go? I was at work for almost half the day, which was fine since there was only one task. The boss brought us apple pie and NIC’s Red Velvet Cake. (There would have been pictures, but I wanted to go home early so I had to get busy bee.) The couple of…

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    Gratitude Mondays: December 7

    Waah~ I skipped another Gratitude Mondays post. ^^;;; The only excuse I have is my re-upping this blog. If only I had figured out earlier how to import everything including the media, then I would have finished earlier. I would have had a break and be able to write my Gratitude Mondays post. Anyway, my weekend was great! πŸ˜€ That would be the highlight of my gratitude list. But I’ll begin first with something work-related πŸ˜‰ — I was able to catch up with copy-editing reports that were due Thursday last week. I’m unsure what else we have to do for the project, but I think a huge load is…

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    Toycon 2015

    There was so much to see (and do, for some) in this year’s Toycon, but I didn’t find it that enjoyable except the expensive takoyaki the boyfriend and I had. That Saturday was probably the not-so-good day to go for obvious reasons, but I do remember the previous years’ visits and there weren’t as bad. There’s limited walking space to go around the sellers and those baby strollers I came across occupied much of that space. Then there’s the entrance fee of PhP150. With that amount, I expected better.

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    Journals and a 2012 planner

    Years ago, I could write whatever I want in my blog. But things are different now. We don’t seem to be that free with what we want to say. There are those who would use your blog against you, judge you quickly, you could be cyber-bullied because of your oh-so-different opinions (but it’s a different matter if you posted something more than offensive), you could get fired for even a slight comment about work, etc. I had posts that caused a little ‘comments debate.’ I know I’m being judged right away for just a few posts. Maybe there are some who acts like a friend, but are only curious about…