Switched webhost

So you might come across missing parts of the blog and dead links especially images. My other websites are currently down atm. I’m hoping by Friday they will all be uploaded. Please bear with me. šŸ™‚ Let’s make this post ‘mouthwatering.’ LOL Don’t they look delicious? šŸ˜€ I’m not tempted though because I just had […]

Figured out Instagram embedding!

Since the first week of July, I began crossposting my Instagram posts to here. I was fine with it until I thought it made my website look messy. I couldn’t be bothered to try to fix the template. Anyway, my Instagram has been public, so I decided to scrap those posts and, instead, embed a […]

Facebook comments for WP

I was able to install the plugin, but couldn’t get the manual code to work. The Facebook comments field wouldn’t show up unless I turn it on automatically. Was I putting on the wrong template? Regardless, it should work or I would see an error if the code shouldn’t be in the comment template. Automatic […]

Layout update and other changes

With the layout first: Spacing is fixed — The spaces before and above the blockquotes were huge. Speaking of blockquotes, I changed the font and indented more to emphasize quotation. Increased font size and line-height and slightly indented blog entry text CSS update with the sidebar. (You might see overflowing an sidebar. Kindly ignore if […]

Hurrah for new layout!

This is the second minimalist layout I made while the first one was more than ten years ago. Have I already outgrown anime/manga-themed layouts? Well, I already wanted a simple layout long ago but I worked on Okane ga Nai (previous layout) for days and I didn’t want to just scrap it. My site was […]

Last theme update

I purged plugins, updated the categories and archives templates, removed archives link from the menu and linked the Goodies category instead, added a Flickr stream on the left sidebar, and created a simple mobile template (only checked with iOS though). Nothing seems broken, so that’s the last update for this theme. Whew! šŸ™‚

Some site changes and updates

Today I revised archives, updated the menu on the right with a link to my trade and distro page, included Foodspotting widget on the left (if you hadn’t noticed :P), and updated plugins. I was kind of forced to do something about my archives. >_> So as I did that, I worked on fixes needed […]