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    Book loot :D

    After an afternoon meet-up in Shangri-La and package drop-off in Rustan’s Glorietta, I arrived home to see a package in my room. 😀 On my way home in the jeepney, there was a girl around 10 to 11 years old who kept staring at me. I stared back. I noticed that she has red shiny lips and in her hand is lip gloss. Seems like she’s into that at such age while I was interested in books and drawing. >_>;;; I hate to admit thinking she’ll wear slutty clothes in no time. Cutting off that cardboard and magazine wrapping… I finally completed the Sleepy Beauty trilogy only that my first…

  • Events

    Caracol 2010

    Got lots I still have to blog about, but I’ll start with this while it’s still fresh. Marco, Maru and I met up around lunch time to try CBTL’s complimentary drinks. The Banana Choco was good. Chupa-Chups flavor. Hrhr~ Before heading to Ayala Avenue, we walked around GB5 first then headed to the event’s location by 2PM. Better to be early so we can have a good spot before the crowd arrives and piss us off.

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    The Labor Day long weekend

    >_> I couldn’t think of a better title. Also, it has taken me a week to finish this entry. ~_~ I have a (self) deadline today in regards to work, yet I’m procrastinating and blogging. XD; We had another long weekend due to Labor Day. I can’t say it was a productive weekend for me, though I was able to accomplish some things online. XD; I really should get around to doing “offline stuff” like cleaning my room. ^_^V After finishing some quick tasks, I went with the family to WB. My Dad wanted to sort files in his office. My brother and I helped a bit then left to…

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    I has tired legs

    Too much walking yesterday. Thank goodness ankle cooperated. XD; I told Jan we’d go to Greenhills between 9:30AM-10:30AM, but I had to add more information in the climate change speech which took me long. Jan then had to go to the office to escape the wrath of her father *lol* and wait for me. ^_^V I then decided it was better that I take the half-day off to spend time with Jan instead of rushing to Greenhills and back to the office. First, we went to Greenhills to pick up my toy reservation. That was the real purpose of our meet up anyway. Haha~ We looked around Shoppesville and Virramall…

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    Obviously, people don’t read anymore

    I removed some people off my reading list. I always read their blogs and leave comments, but I never hear from them in mine. I’m being selfish again I know. ~_~ But sometimes I also want some ♥in’. Just recently I finished Californication Season 1. I suffered 2 nights of major headaches. That’s why I hate series in DVD format. You know, those only playable in standalone DVD players, because I can’t stay too long in front of the TV. UGH~ DAMMIT. If it weren’t for David Duchovny, I wouldn’t watch the whole season 1 Californication. I finished it in 2 nights since it’s only 12 episodes. 😛 It’s possible…