Book loot :D

After an afternoon meet-up in Shangri-La and package drop-off in Rustan’s Glorietta, I arrived home to see a package in my room. 😀 On my way home in the jeepney, there was a girl around 10 to 11 years old who kept staring at me. I stared back. I noticed that she has red shiny […]

Caracol 2010

Got lots I still have to blog about, but I’ll start with this while it’s still fresh. Marco, Maru and I met up around lunch time to try CBTL’s complimentary drinks. The Banana Choco was good. Chupa-Chups flavor. Hrhr~ Before heading to Ayala Avenue, we walked around GB5 first then headed to the event’s location […]

The Labor Day long weekend

>_> I couldn’t think of a better title. Also, it has taken me a week to finish this entry. ~_~ I have a (self) deadline today in regards to work, yet I’m procrastinating and blogging. XD; We had another long weekend due to Labor Day. I can’t say it was a productive weekend for me, […]

I has tired legs

Too much walking yesterday. Thank goodness ankle cooperated. XD; I told Jan we’d go to Greenhills between 9:30AM-10:30AM, but I had to add more information in the climate change speech which took me long. Jan then had to go to the office to escape the wrath of her father *lol* and wait for me. ^_^V […]

Obviously, people don’t read anymore

I removed some people off my reading list. I always read their blogs and leave comments, but I never hear from them in mine. I’m being selfish again I know. ~_~ But sometimes I also want some ♥in’. Just recently I finished Californication Season 1. I suffered 2 nights of major headaches. That’s why I […]