Melissa shoes collection

I found a folder that contains photos of my Melissa shoes that I have not blogged before. I really meant to blog about my collection, but obviously forgot about it. 😆 The photos were taken years ago; the last taken in 2015–three years ago! Although I did buy a Melissa late last year, I won’t […]

Two Tuesdays ago and today

I saw a cat writhing in the middle of the street… In a pool of blood. It must have been hit by a bike or someone hurt it. I don’t know. I didn’t dare to look at the poor cat any more after I got closer and saw the blood. Such a sad, sad sight. […]

New Keds and Kickers – YAY!

A few nights after posting this, I went out with Jan and looked around for shoes. I ended up with a new Keds that was on sale. The following week, the ♥ and I went out to look for flats especially when that new Keds wounded the back of my feet. DX I showed him […]

Gusto ko na ng bagong sapatos

I need to buy new shoes especially for work. If my Dr. Martens boots was allowed, then it would take me long before I have to buy a new one. Office/Corporate shoes barely last long when worn everyday. ~_~ That’s a LOT of shoes o_o You’ll never wear out one in your lifetime, I guess. […]