HS field trips and interactions

Late last year, Phoebe lent me her collection of photos from grade school to high school. Good thing I never liked having my picture taken back then. They would make good blackmail photos. ^^;;; It took me a while to scan and months to upload them. But I’ve only uploaded those from field trips and […]

A day at Manila

Tuesday’s another slow and sleepy sleepy day. Staying awake during the Makati Health Development Council meeting was a challenge. X_X My stomach’s acting up too, so I feel very… Uhh… Indescribable. šŸ˜ I skipped work the other day to get my college diploma and file for an alumni ID. I don’t know how long the […]

Late and hungry

I’m glad I already have some photos I could upload to my dA account. XD Latest submissions: :thumb86223927:   :thumb86323400: Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to Toki and Phoebe. šŸ˜€ So sorry I didn’t get to greet you guys on time. šŸ˜› I’m up early today because I have to get my alumni ID and my diploma. […]

(the defeaning silence)

FUCK THE SCHOOL FAIR. *sniff* I’m so depressed now. I should be happy yet the events didn’t happen the way I wanted it to happen. So, here I am now…depressed over what-seems-to-be a petty thing. *sigh* I wanna talk to Pebbles. Waaaaah…or even Korky. ;_; I’ll share the whole story when I already feel like […]

*sniff* i wonder how long

*sniff* i wonder how long burigs will let me wait for her to connect. maii eyes are already getting tired & it kinda stings. –;;; anywayz, there’s not much to say. i got a quiz on monday in physics. it would be multiple choice!! XDDD yeah!! i won’t have to worry that much now. ^^ […]

TAYA-KUN!!! *mwaaaahhh* :DDD i dunno

TAYA-KUN!!! *mwaaaahhh* :DDD i dunno why i’m happy today…prolly because i’ve been lookin’ at too many taya pics + vids. eheheheeh~ anywayz, i got class in 2 hours. i’m still at home and haven’t taken a shower yet. *snickers* i just gotta finish this enter the dragon (jtl) mv. only a few minutes left to […]

finally, i could post! *sniffles*

finally, i could post! *sniffles* i mish posting!! *waaaaaaaaahhh* >_P i wonder why i only got 2.75…must be the finals. i didn’t concentrate much there. i hardly knew the questions because most of them weren’t even taught to us! that’s how lajee our prof. is. always absent. *lol* kinda miss him, but our prof. in […]

man, i’m soO sleepy! but

man, i’m soO sleepy! but i still hafta send some mails before i turn this luv of mine off and have maii beauty rest. i’ve been playing ffx like nonstop! i’m getting obsessed with it! and i even joined a ffx yaoi ml!! XDDD *LoL* wickedness!! then…i just saw earlier the fmv of TIDUS AND […]

hiyee~! man, i miss blogging!

hiyee~! man, i miss blogging! ^.^ anywayz, i enrolled _yesterday_ (it’s already 2:25 am while i’m typing this, so it’s yesterday. ^^;;) and, would you believe, i waited in a very long line the whole day!?! *gah* good thing some of my friends accompanied me. i would have been bored to death. -_- ugh~ i […]

err…belated happy BEER-day to Jae

err…belated happy BEER-day to Jae Won whose birthday was last April 5. oh wait…did i already greet him? *ack* i’m too forgetful! … whateverz. *sweatdrop* i’m soO sorry about the post just below this one. i was really sleepy & i couldn’t get my mind straight. i wanted to prevent myself from continuing that post, […]

wow, i feel like i

wow, i feel like i havent blogged for days. -_-;;; i’ve been very tired lately. argh. must be because i awfully lack sleep. all i do is stay in front of the pc. i’m such a geek! šŸ˜› maybe that’s why maii left eye have been hurting a lot lately. i tried sleeping it off, […]