Sneezing code and lulz acronyms

I started sorting and cleaning my clutter some time last year, but never got it done. Those I got to sort out added to the messy state my room was in. But since I had the room repainted, it was a good opportunity to restart sorting and cleaning. Then I thought I shall share some […]

Merry Christmas!

Late greetings to all! Better late than never as what my former bandmate told me. :3 I hope everyone had a good Christmas celebration. I did. 🙂 I thought it was going to be depressing. LOL I have been to only one Christmas party, but it isn’t really a “party.” It’s only a simple lunch […]

Deco Venus Vol. 1 and 3

I got these scans before because I wanted ideas to “bling-ify” one of my film cameras. As I looked through these, I realized I have no talent to be able to come up with a pretty design. LOL Deco Venus – Vol. 1 43.53MB Deco Venus – Vol. 3 50.89MB The scans have already been […]