Off with their heads!

Last June 27, Plurk friends and I planned a toy shoot and trade-off. It was supposed to be held last May, but got delayed a month further because the mastermind kept canceling. He still didn’t go in the end. =_= Those able to were Kat, Karen, Joiz, and Drew. Maru soon followed, but only to […]

LONG roundup of 2009 [Part 2/2]

Lately I feel so lost with no hope nor motivation. This is a very delayed hangover from October of 2009. šŸ™ I know our life purpose is for self-fulfillment, but I can’t seem to be content for that reason alone. This is loneliness speaking, I believe. Seems there’s no point to work hard if there’s […]

Revoltech Arch Gurren Lagann

Early August, I reserved for a Revoltech Gloomy Bear as a birthday gift to myself. I ended up with an Arch Gurren Lagann because the store overlooked my reservation and sold off all their stocks of the Gloomy Bear. -_- Contacting the shop was such a headache. Their contact number and email addresses were of […]

Revoltech Yotsuba

I have been wanting this for ages, so I bought it on one payday after seeing it in a nearby toyshop. If you haven’t read the Yotsubato! manga, then you should. You’d wish your future daughter would be like her. She’s the cutest character I’ve come across. šŸ˜€ Still in the box

Metro Manila tour

Yesterday’s a good day. ^_^ College friends contacted me to catch up on stuff. Wally, who’s also an EnSE grad, called me up in the office to ask about the city’s creek/waterways profile and if I got back with the ex. I lol’d and told him no. When I asked him why, he said that […]

Videcon’s over! WEEE~ + RICKY! :D

So John Legend’s gonna have a concert on the 26th. D: I’m not a big fan, but I like one of his songs. :3 Let’s make love Let’s go somewhere they might discover us Let’s get lost in lust XDDD Last week was intense. Work-wise. Days and nights were spent working on climate change. If […]