• Domo Qee Collectible Figure
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    Domo Qee Collectible Figure Series 3

    The Domo Qee Collectible Figure, which is in collaboration with Darkhorse, is the only blind box I got into because it’s Domo. πŸ˜€ Series 3 includes 15 limited edition figures, some of which have glitter or felt texture. I didn’t believe it at first, not until a friend bought the yellow Domo (see top row, fourth from left). The Domo was in gold glitters. No wonder the drawing on the box looked odd. The purple Domo is so messy! I had to keep it in a resealable bag, but it feels so nice to the touch. πŸ˜€ I think the Snowflake Domo would make a good Christmas holidays figure to display. These…