• Reading and Podcast Apps

    Reading and Podcast Apps

    I haven’t posted about any apps I use in a long time. This post has been in my to-write list, but I couldn’t get the motivation to get to it until now. With screen recording in the iOS11 update, sharing anything related with my phone is now easy. πŸ˜€ I tried to limit myself to a few reading and podcast apps, so this isn’t a long list. Feedly I switched to Feedly the moment Google killed Google Reader in 2013. It was the most suggested free RSS reader, although it didn’t have some features Google Reader had. But, it was better than nothing. Five years later, Feedly has a better-looking…

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    Take It Take It Take It!

    Hagikgikan’s totally random podcast is on its 3rd episode. XD; Joiz and I talked about (in order): SOMS review Rio’s Deep Kissing and Sex Movie review Megu Fujiura’s latest movie review Joining Marco’s punk band Band commitments Pet peeve: Grammar and spelling ‘evolution’ We had this done last Friday, but I only got to blog about it now. ^_^V Had a bunch of stuff to do first. Download! I’m really hating my voice. Not only do I sound like a boy, I sound gay and I have a malandi laugh. My laugh is AHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI. ~_~

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    Hagikgikan no. 2!

    In less than 24 hours, we came up with our second podcast! XDDD It’s more serious and longer than the first. We would greatly, greatly appreciate comments and feedback! Our discussion: – Feedback of first podcast – Fast & Furious movie review – Upcoming movies we want to watch – Dragonball Evolution – X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Fast & Furious OST review – After movie — free ice cream from Selecta Gold and dinner at Kabisera High Street – Phoebe and Jan‘s friends – Pet peeves – Random shits DOWNLOAD Streaming is available in Joiz’s blog. ^^ I like how Joiz added the into-outro music. ^_^ EDIT: Updated podcast with…

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    Podcast attempt! XD

    Joiz and I made a podcast at the wee hours of the night until 5AM. XD; Before you listen, please be reminded that: – The podcast is full of nonsense *lol* – Shabby was nervous thus the nonsensical talk XDDD; – We’re conyows LULz~ – You have to forgive all the giggling – It’s not suitable to play with huge, loud speakers XD; I guess that’s it. The podcast isn’t that long, so I hope you can take the time to listen. It’s available for streaming at Joiz’s blog (password is hahahahaha). You can also download from here. OT — Articles I thought y’all should read. There’s something wrong with…