Pinky:st. x Kuromi

This MUST be the last Pinky:st. in my toy collection. I thought the Pinky:st. x My Melody would be the first and last, but I was surprised there’s another one in the Sanrio Pinky:st. collection. Good thing there’s only two of ’em. Revoltech alone is enough to suck my wallet dry.

Pinky:st. x My Melody — my first Pinky:st.

Last September, I bought this Pinky:st. x My Melody from everdearest Rotch. I prefer Revoltech among other figures with Gundam and Keroro Gunsou plamo coming in second. I purchased this because it’s My Melody. It’s Sanrio! It’s cute! Hee~ I still have a girly side. 😀 After I got it 🙂 Nothing beats natural light […]