At Penguin Bar…

… With Jan last September 18-19, 2011 to watch Coffee Break Island. [singlepic id=1111 h=500] [singlepic id=1112 h=500] Camera: Blackbird, Fly Film: Fuji 400 (expiry 1994-12)

Chocos, poptarts, and cereal bars

I really felt the negative emotion coming from both friends and strangers regarding this year’s election. Even if they’re just online. So, for good vibes, I looked at some of my supply of sweet treats. Haha! We need this here.

The first night in NY

So I’m posting pictures from my US vacation in 2011 amongst those from my recent trip. 😛 I could have posted this along with my New York posts from before (here or here), but I only saw these again while going through photos in my old phone. Landed in NY! But it took a while […]