January highlights

Yesterday, I barely accomplished anything except something for work and paying my mobile phone bill when I was determined to do a couple of tasks. That determination is rare, you know. šŸ˜† That’s because the other office where I need to go every Tuesdays (until the end of the month) still hasn’t fixed their air-conditioner. […]

HAPPY NEW YEAR! + 2016 goals

I know this is a week due, but I couldn’t get myself to blog when I have been itching to fix the other layout ‘Physical.’ I think I managed to. You can check it by clicking on the ‘Physical’ link listed under themes in the sidebar. šŸ™‚ It’s another year; another start for new goals. […]


Let’s welcome this New Year with a dance. šŸ˜€ *cues _your_ choice of dance music* It’s that time again to reflect on how my year was. When 2013 started, I had no resolutions, plans, expectations, or anything of such. There was only one thing in my mind — 2013 WILL BE MY YEAR. Of course, […]


How was everyone’s New Year’s Eve celebration? I know this is late, but I just got around to going through NYE pictures. Even my New Year’s greeting to relatives were sent in late. (Sorry!) Anyway, my celebration was just spent at home with another feast. I didn’t cook anything this time because I was hooked […]


I am nervous and excited this 2013. Excited for the already set travels & for something rather personal… Hihi~ I am nervous about what shit could that possibly happen, but I know I am always supported and never left alone. XOXO to family and friends. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Nice first week of the year

Some of you may have been looking forward to 2012 as you deem it the time to start anew. I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to wait for a new year, next month, tomorrow, or later to change. Why put it off? The moment you wanted change was the ‘right’ time. I know […]

Bagong Taon 2011 peekachurs

I am slow in catching up. Haha~ T_T As mentioned before, New Year’s Eve celebration was simple and like the previous years. The only difference — we didn’t have fireworks. Fireworks and firecrackers aren’t allowed in our barangay. Browse here if you have no idea why. We had lots sausages, ham, salami, wine, fruits, and […]