Gratitude Mondays: February 1

Incredible, it’s already February! It feels like it hasn’t been that long since Christmas. Time sure flies by fast. It’s another Monday gratitude log: I have a boyfriend who cares for me especially when I have a terrible headache (because I rarely get fevers nowadays), which he claims is stress-induced. As much as possible, I […]

New Keds and Kickers – YAY!

A few nights after posting this, I went out with Jan and looked around for shoes. I ended up with a new Keds that was on sale. The following week, the ♥ and I went out to look for flats especially when that new Keds wounded the back of my feet. DX I showed him […]

Busy April 19

On the morning of Monday, Mum kept waking me up and asking if I wasn’t going to work. I said I would even though I had second thoughts. Well, I did skip work and went on with my tasks for the day. The Mosbeau bloggers event is the first skin care event that the […]