• Travel

    My first time to visit a library in the US

    I know I said that the next on my current travelog series would be about Great Falls Park. I only have few pictures from this short side-trip and I want to show this to my book-lovin’ friends especially Kat. πŸ˜€ Dad’s colleague drove me to a local library in Chevy Chase. She offered to after she saw me looking at books in World Bank’s Info Shop. She told me not to get anything yet until I see their local library since it has a book sale section. Beside the library; this season’s not the best to be out there to read

  • Daily

    Punk band practice and Trans Sport Show

    If given the opportunity to visit, I wanna go to Abbey Library St. Gallen, Switzerland: and Wiblingen Monastery Library in Ulm, Germany: We should have visited the Abbey Library when we were in Switzerland, but I guess I’d be too young to even remember that. -_- Check the other 18 most beautiful libraries here. The punk band is truly materializing now. ^_^V First practice was last Saturday afternoon at E-Music Band Rehearsal Studio. Maru, Marco, and I were present. Lem was around as our audience and critique. PRACTICE WAS A SUCCESS! (I sucked though.) We only need the bassist and we can take over the world. *rofl* Marco said there…