Florida, September 2011

I visited Florida again for my Uncle’s wedding. Our stay was only short that time around since we already stayed somewhat long enough on our first visit. We were at Loews Don CeSar first since the wedding and reception was to be held there then spent the last night at a relatives’ house before flying […]

Unang araw sa Bohol

Since I have gotten around to sorting day 1 pics days and days ago, I should be getting around to blogging about it. šŸ™‚ Tagbilaran plans were almost 6 months in the making. I am glad Jan, Joiz, Marco, and Kat were with me on this. Credits: Aurora Texture by cloaks.deviantart.com

Obviously, people don’t read anymore

I removed some people off my reading list. I always read their blogs and leave comments, but I never hear from them in mine. I’m being selfish again I know. ~_~ But sometimes I also want some ♥in’. Just recently I finished Californication Season 1. I suffered 2 nights of major headaches. That’s why I […]