The Banana Gangbang Rock Festival 2

K. Wasabi is going to be part of THE BANANA GANGBANG ROCK FESTIVAL 2 thanks to TMB and Fat Jack Productions. 😀 The Banana Gangbang Rock Festival 2 The second BANANA GANGBANG ROCK FESTIVAL will be this Friday, the 23rd of July, at Mooters Bar. Performances that night: Giniling Festival Sugar Hiccup Lose Your Beer […]

The Obsidian gig

Maru, Reets, and I took ages to get to Obsidian Bar because every damn cab driver didn’t want to go to Ortigas. I’m beginning to think none of them wants to go there at any time of the day. ~_~ I was starting to be frustrated. I did something I shouldn’t have. I’ll leave that […]


We will be performing tonight at Obsidian Bar and Grill thanks to ThreeLion Production. Shroomsday The poster was not updated, so our name isn’t listed there. This is the complete (and final) band lineup: Big Answer Soundsystem The Young Instigators Mobster Manila Elemento Myka K. Wasabi Superkendi Hydrosepaluz Flatcirco Smoke Nature Gig starts at 7PM. […]

For the Road gig

10PM Tonight in For the Road, Madison Square Pioneer, Mandaluyong SuperKendi K. Wasabi and Coffee Break Island Entrance is free! My band, K. Wasabi, will be playing tomorrow in For the Road, Madison Square. It is located along Pioneer, Mandaluyong. The gig is free as far as I know and should start around 9PM or […]

Zion Monday at Capone’s

ZION MONDAY presents Strayguns K. Wasabi and Sidhi Venue: Capone’s, 2nd Level of A. Venue, Makati Ave. Time: 10PM onwards I know some of you guys might think it’s late for a Monday, but this is the first night we’ll be playing again in many, many months. Support for our comeback fail would be awesomesauce. […]


Maru asked me to keep one of his CDs from Digiprint. Curious me checked and here’s what I saw: And another: I wtf’d out loud. ~_~ I like the second picture because I think I look pretty in it yet… Yet… *ROFLMAO* XDDD; On other news, my Mom showed me the Credit Union CC bill. […]

Not sleeping yet

I want the RYUK figure! *_* Is it summer again? The heat’s sucking out all my energy. My Dad, on the other hand, is having high bp; kinda like going on a heat stroke. :/ That started during their WB training at Boracay. *shakes head* The other day, I was supposed to stay home and […]