Last weekend until today

Each day I don’t blog, backlog rises. 😐 But I have been active and more motivated to write in my two other blogs. Anyway, since I noticed I had one post last month, I must make up for that. I forgot 2012’s a leap year. How was everyone’s February 29? Mine sucked so bad. So […]

And another weekend passed

Unlike most, I dread weekends because I usually have nothing going on. I just rot in my room surrounded with my mess. Actually, they’re all on the foot of my bed. I just kick them before and during my sleep. HAHA~ I think my room can beat a boy’s except I have a dresser with […]

Dinners and beer :3 – Part 2/2

Last Feb. 6, Coffee Break Island had a gig in Penguin Bar. Brother was game to it when I told him the gig was due to Bob Marley’s birthday. 😀 Before that though, I spent some time alone Power Plant — browsed for books at Fully Booked, looked for Keroro plamos at toyshops, and had […]