January highlights

Yesterday, I barely accomplished anything except something for work and paying my mobile phone bill when I was determined to do a couple of tasks. That determination is rare, you know. šŸ˜† That’s because the other office where I need to go every Tuesdays (until the end of the month) still hasn’t fixed their air-conditioner. […]

Last weekend until today

Each day I don’t blog, backlog rises. šŸ˜ But I have been active and more motivated to write in my two other blogs. Anyway, since I noticed I had one post last month, I must make up for that. I forgot 2012’s a leap year. How was everyone’s February 29? Mine sucked so bad. So […]

Another Isshin night and a Sunday wedding

The recent weekend wasn’t as busy as the other weekend. The plans were mostly fail, but I still got to spend the Saturday night with my girl friends Phoebe and Jan and the Sunday with my bandmates. ♥ The other weekend, I had an Isshin dinner with friends on the Saturday night and attended an […]