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    January highlights

    Yesterday, I barely accomplished anything except something for work and paying my mobile phone bill when I was determined to do a couple of tasks. That determination is rare, you know. 😆 That’s because the other office where I need to go every Tuesdays (until the end of the month) still hasn’t fixed their air-conditioner. The weather was warmer and more humid because of the intermittent rains, so focusing or doing anything in the already stuffy room was almost impossible. Anyway, a day late isn’t bad. 😛 I am starting a monthly highlights in the blog that will include what I did or special occasions–Any bits that are worth sharing;…

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    Vlog 20150806: Okonomiyaki!

    A friend who I haven’t seen in so long suddenly visits the country. Yey! We had a sort of unplanned dinner at Isshin then expensivecoffee afterwards because Joiz and I couldn’t function without it. This is my fourth vlog, btw. 🙂 Pictures after the cut.

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    Last weekend until today

    Each day I don’t blog, backlog rises. 😐 But I have been active and more motivated to write in my two other blogs. Anyway, since I noticed I had one post last month, I must make up for that. I forgot 2012’s a leap year. How was everyone’s February 29? Mine sucked so bad. So so bad. I wasted the day lying about due to a very bad headache (or migraine). I wasn’t able to accomplish anything except to further make my room messy. But the good thing that happened in the middle of ‘the pain’ was the arrival of my order of cosmetics. Hihi~ The day ended rather well,…

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    Another Isshin night and a Sunday wedding

    The recent weekend wasn’t as busy as the other weekend. The plans were mostly fail, but I still got to spend the Saturday night with my girl friends Phoebe and Jan and the Sunday with my bandmates. ♥ The other weekend, I had an Isshin dinner with friends on the Saturday night and attended an officemate’s wedding on the Sunday. Phoebe came up with Isshin dinner plan. She had been planning a reunion of sorts with somebody, but that somebody still couldn’t make it. Instead of canceling the dinner for the second time, we pushed through with the plan. The night started with only me and Phoebe since we were…