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    Toycon 2015

    There was so much to see (and do, for some) in this year’s Toycon, but I didn’t find it that enjoyable except the expensive takoyaki the boyfriend and I had. That Saturday was probably the not-so-good day to go for obvious reasons, but I do remember the previous years’ visits and there weren’t as bad. There’s limited walking space to go around the sellers and those baby strollers I came across occupied much of that space. Then there’s the entrance fee of PhP150. With that amount, I expected better.

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    Pretty much about last week + plugs (including dA)

    Lomomanila on Sunday Inquirer Mag (Pic taken from renelmacapagal Woo-hoo! Congrats, Lomomanila! ๐Ÿ˜€ Astig! Too bad I wasn’t able to join them. I was too busy that time and kinda unaware of the schedule of events. -_- Next time I’ll be sure to join… I did get to join the Lomomanila party though. I wonder what happened to the shots before the Lomo party. O_o? Much has happened last week that it felt like 2 weeks passed. Two Sundays ago (May 18, right?), my boyfriend and I watched Iron Man. ♥ Seeing Robert Downey Jr. gave me an orgasm. *roflmao* J/k! Seriously though, not only is he an eye-candy, the…