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    2017 Gratitude list and highlights, and 2018 goals

    I just had to use a chillin’ meerkat for my featured photo. LOL! Anyway, hello! I’m still here. 😀 If any still reads/visits, I’m so sorry for the 0 updates since, uhmm, December I believe. I went on a family vacation then and didn’t blog at all although I was active in my Instagram. (Follow me there if you haven’t yet 😉 ) I didn’t want to just go on a travel or beauty review post without a bit of explanation on the blog silence and an introduction of sorts for this year.

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    HAPPY NEW YEAR! + 2016 goals

    I know this is a week due, but I couldn’t get myself to blog when I have been itching to fix the other layout ‘Physical.’ I think I managed to. You can check it by clicking on the ‘Physical’ link listed under themes in the sidebar. 🙂 It’s another year; another start for new goals. It’s only last year that I ditched resolutions and made goals instead. I never shared those goals though, but for this year I will. 🙂

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    So here’s my late New Year’s post

    I made myself busy in the first two weeks this month and made the most of the long weekend. I made sure to start my year being productive (not too much for work though). I deliberately put off this blog post. 😛 But I don’t think I can blog anything else until I have this up. So, yeah, my New Year’s was good. Though I was a little sad not to be able to watch the fireworks with the boyfran, I still had a good time with the family. It was spent at home again this year and with my grandma. We had raclette, bottles of wine, I played Monopoly…