Birthday ‘report’ :D

It takes a broken memory card to force me to write my post-birthday post. Ugh, I’ve lost the pictures of my special day and so many others. I’ve been very sad about it over the weekend. Not to mention, I was sick. Thankfully, the boyfriend has been consoling and eeping me company as I patiently […]

Last weekend until today

Each day I don’t blog, backlog rises. šŸ˜ But I have been active and more motivated to write in my two other blogs. Anyway, since I noticed I had one post last month, I must make up for that. I forgot 2012’s a leap year. How was everyone’s February 29? Mine sucked so bad. So […]

New and not-so-new

Dad came back last Saturday night (or right after the Deftones concert). He got me this cute and expensive D: Paul Frank bag. šŸ˜€ A new Paul Frank bag And the not-so-new: A Digital Harinezumi! Thanks so much, Janine! WEEEEE~ šŸ˜€

Merry Christmas!

Late greetings to all! Better late than never as what my former bandmate told me. :3 I hope everyone had a good Christmas celebration. I did. šŸ™‚ I thought it was going to be depressing. LOL I have been to only one Christmas party, but it isn’t really a “party.” It’s only a simple lunch […]

Loot from the Dad

Some weeks ago, my Dad went to Mexico then to Washington DC for work. That was a chance to strike off items from my wish lists. XD; Sadly, I didn’t get any from ’em although I got those I requested for that weren’t in the list. From top to bottom, left to right of the […]

A worship video

Before I blog about the videoke nights of me and Jan’s, let me show you what I got yesterday from an acquaintance who works in boss’ other office. He said that the keychain with my name written on a rice grain broke, so this is something to make up for it. When he handed me […]