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    Staying in (Switzerland, Day 5)

    Let’s take a break from a photo-heavy post. The fifth day was another chance to relax (eventually my schedule got very busy). I stayed home and was alone for the most part. I took pictures of what I ate and drank, besides the house and environs of course, because they just had to be documented. LOL! There was a huge bird that flew away when I sneezed. LOL The heat was ridiculous. I didn’t think that I would be in Switzerland which I’ve known to have gloomy or cold weather and complain about the heat or even wear light clothing in.

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    My first time to visit a library in the US

    I know I said that the next on my current travelog series would be about Great Falls Park. I only have few pictures from this short side-trip and I want to show this to my book-lovin’ friends especially Kat. ๐Ÿ˜€ Dad’s colleague drove me to a local library in Chevy Chase. She offered to after she saw me looking at books in World Bank’s Info Shop. She told me not to get anything yet until I see their local library since it has a book sale section. Beside the library; this season’s not the best to be out there to read