Should I give up on Fallout Shelter?

Months ago, I was frustrated there wasn’t Fallout Shelter for Android. Since I still have my old iPhone, I downloaded the game in it. The game loads ridiculously slow that loading a website with dial-up connection might be faster. Dragging dwellers to other rooms or the wasteland was frustrating. So I stopped playing, but a […]

Not sleeping yet

I want the RYUK figure! *_* Is it summer again? The heat’s sucking out all my energy. My Dad, on the other hand, is having high bp; kinda like going on a heat stroke. :/ That started during their WB training at Boracay. *shakes head* The other day, I was supposed to stay home and […]

I had a doggies dream ^^ + dA plugs

I wasted time reading The Superficial blog again. ~_~ *sighs* Even though I enjoy the jokes, sarcasm, and other shit there, I had to remove their feed from my Google Reader. This kind of video shouldn’t be uploaded anymore. Especially in YOUTUBE. Gawd! X_X *coughs* Moving on… It’s still May, but I guess the rainy […]

man, i’m soO sleepy! but

man, i’m soO sleepy! but i still hafta send some mails before i turn this luv of mine off and have maii beauty rest. i’ve been playing ffx like nonstop! i’m getting obsessed with it! and i even joined a ffx yaoi ml!! XDDD *LoL* wickedness!! then…i just saw earlier the fmv of TIDUS AND […]