Replicant Vol. 1 and 2

It just occurred to me that I haven’t blogged in weeks. I thought it was only a few days since my last. Time sure flies fast. It’s also already July! omg. Anyway, for now I share with you two volumes of Replicant–a Japanese garage kit and character figures magazine. I don’t know if there’s more […]

Toycon 2015

There was so much to see (and do, for some) in this year’s Toycon, but I didn’t find it that enjoyable except the expensive takoyaki the boyfriend and I had. That Saturday was probably the not-so-good day to go for obvious reasons, but I do remember the previous years’ visits and there weren’t as bad. […]

Bearbrick Series 24 Snoopy

I went to Hot Toys flagship store Toy Hunters in HK. Other than Hot Toys, they have Revoltech, plamos, and blind boxes among others. I went through their blind boxes in hopes of Gloomy Bear zipper pulls or other Gloomy Bear merchandise, but I found Be@rbrick Series 24 and 25. Series 25 was pricey, so […]

Blind box toys

In this post are my blind box toys from Qee Designer Collection Series 6, Domo-kun Series 3 Collection, and Sweet Dreams Care Bear from the Care Bears Share-A-Bear Collection, which I all bought these past couple of months. Toy2R’s Qee Designer Collection Series 6 Toy2R’s Qee Designer Collection Series 6 includes original art toys created […]