Oh man… >_< It’s been a long time

It’s been a long time since I posted. Gomen nasai. I know some people are actually visiting this. Gomen, gomen… Queer as H.O.T by KinKi Kitten and Akasha: H.O.T; comedy The first three chapters are posted in Temptation. It’s funny! ^__________~ H.O.T fans (must be also interested with g-fics!) will like this…I can’t imagine a […]

Usagi and Mamoru’s Love: Strike

Usagi and Mamoru’s Love: Strike by Lianne: Sailor Moon; action, PG-13, angst >_< This is the most evil fic ever!!! Everything was starting to be happy when things turn out to become disastrous…so sad. I wonder what happens next. Poor Mamoru. *sigh* You can read this and the other stories in MoonRomance.com. Ferris Wheel Kisses […]

Valentine’s Day by Lianne

Valentine’s Day by Lianne: Sailor Moon; waff, G Awww…so sweet. I wish I would have a Valentine’s Day like Usagi’s with Taya-kun. *_* Read this fic. Nicely written though it’s very long for a one-shot. The beginning is a bit boring (for me, that is), but all goes okay in the ending. ^^ You can […]

Fic spoilers up ahead! XD

Fic spoilers up ahead! XD Seiya, Mamoru, and Usagi by Sailor E: Sailor Moon; NC-17, three-some, hentai, a bit of yaoi This story shouldn’t have been written in two parts. Mostly because it was short and the story event occured only in a day. The sex scenes aren’t that much, but youngsters must still be […]