Getting old + Disney meme

So I’m taking a quick break from climate change papers. I read from chochajin’s blog that unless you’re a native speaker of English, you won’t be able to teach the language in Japan. A certification will be needed that you studied English in a university. I’m not too sure on the full details, but I […]


I’m again on another emotional turmoil. *sighs* I have been so stressed lately that I desperately need something fun to do. While I’m still trying to get my to-do list done and have my things organized, some things happened that crushed my spirits. I’m now left feeling alone and left out. My best friends now […]

(the defeaning silence)

FUCK THE SCHOOL FAIR. *sniff* I’m so depressed now. I should be happy yet the events didn’t happen the way I wanted it to happen. So, here I am now…depressed over what-seems-to-be a petty thing. *sigh* I wanna talk to Pebbles. Waaaaah…or even Korky. ;_; I’ll share the whole story when I already feel like […]