Nice first week of the year

Some of you may have been looking forward to 2012 as you deem it the time to start anew. I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to wait for a new year, next month, tomorrow, or later to change. Why put it off? The moment you wanted change was the ‘right’ time. I know […]

Should Be, Should Have Been

Should Be, Should Have Been Best to play in this order: 01. Matt Nathanson – Romeo and Juliet [Dire Straights cover] 02. Snow Patrol – You’re All I Have 03. James Morrison – You Make It Real 04. Erykah Badu – In Love With You [feat. Stephen Marley] 05. Matt White – Love 06. Ingrid […]

LONG roundup of 2009 [Part 2/2]

Lately I feel so lost with no hope nor motivation. This is a very delayed hangover from October of 2009. 🙁 I know our life purpose is for self-fulfillment, but I can’t seem to be content for that reason alone. This is loneliness speaking, I believe. Seems there’s no point to work hard if there’s […]


My Mother bought me a ring with a sunflower design years ago. A few hours earlier, I lost it. 🙁 My family and I watched the last full show Sherlock Holmes in Glorietta 4. My second time to see it. Anyway, I was about to get my green tea, when I heard something hit either […]

I am not a leader, but…

I took the time to browse my RSS subscriptions which, of course, includes Paulo’s blog. Some may think, “Ah, this girl is an idealist.” I know. Even my doctor called me that when she saw me reading Brida instead of Twilight. LULz~ Paulo talked about the ‘warrior of light.’ His other term for ‘leader.’ I’m […]