Maka-Maka by KISHI Torajirou

Maka-Maka is a two-volume yuri, slice-of-life manga about Nene and Jun who find solace in each other even though they have boyfriends. The girls can’t seem to get that affection nor attention they want from their partners. One of them, however, has several boyfriends being having trust issues. They are able to open up only […]

Replicant Vol. 1 and 2

It just occurred to me that I haven’t blogged in weeks. I thought it was only a few days since my last. Time sure flies fast. It’s also already July! omg. Anyway, for now I share with you two volumes of Replicant–a Japanese garage kit and character figures magazine. I don’t know if there’s more […]

Scott Pilgrim Graphic Books

I’ve had the digital copies of the Scott Pilgrim graphic books for the longest time in my hard drive. It was time to remove it from my hard drive, but I made a backup and thought to share. šŸ™‚ Download all six of the graphic series here:!Jw9RkTTR Change abc to mega. Decryption key is !LG0Phcbr5JJGR3x2aTwUVQ. […]