Birthday ‘report’ :D

It takes a broken memory card to force me to write my post-birthday post. Ugh, I’ve lost the pictures of my special day and so many others. I’ve been very sad about it over the weekend. Not to mention, I was sick. Thankfully, the boyfriend has been consoling and eeping me company as I patiently […]

Halfway September thanks

I couldn’t come up with a better title. ^^;;; Encounters with strangers who would suddenly start a (decent) conversation Friends who support my boxingcareer (Morning) Phone calls and messages from my boys. I am so touched on how the little boy misses me. Having a phone that lets me communicate with the ♥ and my […]

Last weekend until today

Each day I don’t blog, backlog rises. 😐 But I have been active and more motivated to write in my two other blogs. Anyway, since I noticed I had one post last month, I must make up for that. I forgot 2012’s a leap year. How was everyone’s February 29? Mine sucked so bad. So […]

An early V-day with Max’s

Thank you, Max’s and Bright Idea Events, for another appetizing and sweet night! I was able to join in an early Valentine’s Day celebration at Max’s last February 7, 2012 with fellow bloggers, including my speshul friends Joiz, Kat, & Ry. My cutie Yotsuba was also with us too. I hope some of you have […]

Max’s Crispy Pata Feast

The Max’s Crispy Pata Feast event was held in Max’s Restaurant Greenbelt 1. We arrived late and didn’t get to hear the briefer on the Crispy Pata Feast, but we were right on time for the food. XD; Included in the good for four feast is a plate of huge crispy pata, steaming white rice, […]

Max’s thanksgiving celebration

Max’s held a thanksgiving celebration last August 16 in their Glorietta 3 branch. I’m grateful that I got invited and I feel bad that I only got to blog about it now. ^^;;; Sorry, guys! The pictures were posted about a week ago though. Jan and I originally planned to watch a movie that 16th […]

Another Isshin night and a Sunday wedding

The recent weekend wasn’t as busy as the other weekend. The plans were mostly fail, but I still got to spend the Saturday night with my girl friends Phoebe and Jan and the Sunday with my bandmates. ♥ The other weekend, I had an Isshin dinner with friends on the Saturday night and attended an […]

Luncheon and dinner

My weekends have been so busy hanging out with friends. I’m actually having a hard time catching up with the sudden lot of pictures I have to go through. I haven’t even gotten around to posting everything since those from late last year including those from the US trip. *facepalms* Nov. 30 was a holiday. […]