Second Big Mama dinner

I had to go back to Big Mama. Their food is good and servings are quite big that I always underestimate because of the affordable price. So I went there last Saturday for dinner with the boyfriend again and invited one of my girls too. Feast! I ordered ra-bokki, while the boyfriend had samgyupsal (PhP300) […]

Another Japanese dindins with friends

I have a valid excuse for not being able to post yesterday or for Gratitude Mondays — My website (or probably the server) was loading too slow. That’s not even the first time, but already several times since I switched hosts. My home connection might be a cause too, but I need to experiment further […]

Christmas dinner with my loves at Smith

We’ve never done this before, so I am very happy and grateful that my dearest friends from high school and I (with my boyfriend too LOL) had a Christmas dinner at Smith Butcher and Grill Room. We exchanged gifts too. That was hilarious. We might have been noisy at the restaurant, but we didn’t give […]