Late and hungry

I’m glad I already have some photos I could upload to my dA account. XD Latest submissions: :thumb86223927:   :thumb86323400: Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to Toki and Phoebe. šŸ˜€ So sorry I didn’t get to greet you guys on time. šŸ˜› I’m up early today because I have to get my alumni ID and my diploma. […]

I had a doggies dream ^^ + dA plugs

I wasted time reading The Superficial blog again. ~_~ *sighs* Even though I enjoy the jokes, sarcasm, and other shit there, I had to remove their feed from my Google Reader. This kind of video shouldn’t be uploaded anymore. Especially in YOUTUBE. Gawd! X_X *coughs* Moving on… It’s still May, but I guess the rainy […]