Staying in (Switzerland, Day 5)

Let’s take a break from a photo-heavy post. The fifth day was another chance to relax (eventually my schedule got very busy). I stayed home and was alone for the most part. I took pictures of what I ate and drank, besides the house and environs of course, because they just had to be documented. […]

Saturday with the girls and 2NE1

The sun was already rising last Saturday when I decided to get some shuteye. I woke up around 10AM. I watched a few episodes of One Piece, went through my finances, and headed to Phoebe’s place. Funny that the security guard in her place doesn’t know her. He looked clueless when I looked for her. […]

Tutti Frutti Glorietta

I remember Jan saying that she wanted to try the yogurt shoppe near Glorietta Food Choices, but it was still closed then. *lol* Define excited. XD Tutti Frutti Weeks or days after the opening of that yogurt shoppe named Tutti Frutti, we decided to try their yogurt with the belief that they’re a cheaper alternative […]