Jason Mraz’s 3rd Concert in Manila

His concert last month was his third here, right? I’ve seen his acoustic performance the other year and full band performance this year. I prefer the former, to be honest. There’s something more intimate about it. You would really feel the love, positive, and chill vibes. Nevertheless, the recent concert was still enjoyable. I wish […]

Korn’s Here to Stay

Here to Stay was Korn’s second song in their concert last year. [FMP]http://www.hyukta.net/goodies/Korn_-_Here_to_Stay.mp4[/FMP] I’m getting around to editing and posting videos from the concert since I just found the files. Please excuse the shakiness. All those heads and hands aren’t my fault. 😛

Drummin’ Korn drummer

Uhh, yeah, I think he’s the drummer. 😐 I’m relearning how to use iMovie. I think I want to re-encode and re-edit the Jason Mraz video I posted before this. Video above was from Korn’s concert last year; before the rest of the Korn members went out on stage.

Saturday with the girls and 2NE1

The sun was already rising last Saturday when I decided to get some shuteye. I woke up around 10AM. I watched a few episodes of One Piece, went through my finances, and headed to Phoebe’s place. Funny that the security guard in her place doesn’t know her. He looked clueless when I looked for her. […]