Jason Mraz’s 3rd Concert in Manila

His concert last month was his third here, right? I’ve seen his acoustic performance the other year and full band performance this year. I prefer the former, to be honest. There’s something more intimate about it. You would really feel the love, positive, and chill vibes. Nevertheless, the recent concert was still enjoyable. I wish […]

Korn’s Here to Stay

Here to Stay was Korn’s second song in their concert last year. [FMP]http://www.hyukta.net/goodies/Korn_-_Here_to_Stay.mp4[/FMP] I’m getting around to editing and posting videos from the concert since I just found the files. Please excuse the shakiness. All those heads and hands aren’t my fault. šŸ˜›

Drummin’ Korn drummer

Uhh, yeah, I think he’s the drummer. šŸ˜ I’m relearning how to use iMovie. I think I want to re-encode and re-edit the Jason Mraz video I posted before this. Video above was from Korn’s concert last year; before the rest of the Korn members went out on stage.

Saturday with the girls and 2NE1

The sun was already rising last Saturday when I decided to get some shuteye. I woke up around 10AM. I watched a few episodes of One Piece, went through my finances, and headed to Phoebe’s place. Funny that the security guard in her place doesn’t know her. He looked clueless when I looked for her. […]

An advanced birthday gift :D

Let the ticket prices be reasonable ploxxx! *crosses fingers and toes* (Edit: July 4, 2011) Ticket prices are as follows: Patron (Standing) = PhP4755 Patron (Reserved seating) = PhP4755 Lower Box 200 and 201 (Reserved seating) = PhP4225 Lower Box 202 to 215 (Reserved seating) = PhP3700 Upper Box A (Reserved seating) = PhP2640 Upper […]

In just a few weeks, it’s already DEFTONES!

Deftones’ Diamond Eyes Tour This poster was published last December 2010, so the front acts aren’t listed yet. Afaik, they are Urbandub and Slapshock. Correct me if I’m wrong. Ticket prices indicated in Ticketworld are different from above, but I think that just includes the taxes. They should have gone easy on that. =_= Anyway, […]

LONG roundup of 2009 [Part 2/2]

Lately I feel so lost with no hope nor motivation. This is a very delayed hangover from October of 2009. šŸ™ I know our life purpose is for self-fulfillment, but I can’t seem to be content for that reason alone. This is loneliness speaking, I believe. Seems there’s no point to work hard if there’s […]