Merry Christmas!

A very merry Christmas to all! The family and I had a very simple celebration. We had an adequate feast for dinner. Then a mass at Abbey Church of Our Lady of Montserrat to welcome Christmas day. I’m just checking in to greet you all and finishing one more post before I shower and all […]


I forgot to post my greetings. LOL! I could barely get the time to fully focus on blogging since I returned from my vacation. I couldn’t do my usual yearly Christmas file share. ^^;;; I only did short posts for you to see I haven’t really neglected the blog. Lots of activities and tasks have […]


Gah~ I can’t believe I forgot to blog for this year’s Christmas with greetings and a wishlist. Well, like they all say, better late than never! ^_^ I know not all had a ‘merry’ Christmas day. Please be reminded that Christmas isn’t really about the food or feast on your dining or the gifts you […]

Merry Christmas!

Late greetings to all! Better late than never as what my former bandmate told me. :3 I hope everyone had a good Christmas celebration. I did. 🙂 I thought it was going to be depressing. LOL I have been to only one Christmas party, but it isn’t really a “party.” It’s only a simple lunch […]