Bohol day 2 film pics and a video

[singlepic id=827 w=500] Film pictures of my second day in Bohol are now up in the gallery. 😀 I also created a video out of all those I took from the vacation including those I uploaded in Qik. [FMP][/FMP]

Some forgotten Bohol day 1 pics

After I realized that I forgot to upload the rest of my pictures (last two days) from my Bohol trip _last 2010_, it was also then that I found the following which are supposed to be part of the day 1 film pictures. [singlepic id=778 w=500] Sunset at Panglao

Unang araw sa Bohol

Since I have gotten around to sorting day 1 pics days and days ago, I should be getting around to blogging about it. 🙂 Tagbilaran plans were almost 6 months in the making. I am glad Jan, Joiz, Marco, and Kat were with me on this. Credits: Aurora Texture by