The Sunday birthday

So I had my 20-something birthday yesterday. It was a simple celebration with family and friends. We had a feast, live band (which I played bass in), and right amount of booze which was just tequila and lotsa wine. 😛 Aside from my family and relatives and World Bank folks who visited, I’m also very […]

My birthmonth, my birthday

Last year, on my birthday, I remember waking up early inspired and motivated. Today was a bit different. I did wake up early, but my eyes were still heavy and tired. So I went back to sleep. Dad woke me up probably an hour after to ask if I would ride with him to work. […]

Another night at El Buono

Thank you November celebrants, Joiz and Drew, for a filling pizza, pasta, and iced tea at El Buono last Saturday. 😀 I’m glad it pushed through in spite of everybody’s busy schedule. It was another night of fun tiemz~ I got my films which I almost forgot about. 😛 Thanks, Ryan! Here’s to prove our […]

Happy Birthday, Shabby! :D

I usually have download goodies for everyone on my birthday, but I got nothing this time. Sorry! ^^;;; I have mixed feelings about my birthday this year. Anyway, I have prepared a wish list which is composed of really cheap things or food. Like I always say, I’m too easy to please. 😉 3 Pieces […]

Maru’s birthday in Mr. Jones

July 28 was the BRODA’s birthday. That means another night of pigging out. 😀 When my Dad asked me where to eat, I recommended Mr. Jones in Greenbelt 5. Not that I’ve tried there before. I haven’t; they haven’t either. We always go for restaurants we haven’t tried yet to celebrate a family member’s birthday. […]

Celebration/s in August and October

I’m trying not to post any drama tonight. Probably later. XD;;; Anyway, birthday celebration pictures of me and my Father are finally uploaded in my Flickr. If you don’t know yet, August 12’s my birthday. I must say that my celebration is the best I had in years. Thanks so much to my family, friends, […]

BEERday gurl’s wishlist hihi~

Pili nuts — to start the solo BEERday celebration. *lol* Pili nuts with honey~ There’s nothing much to post yet about the BEERday as it hasn’t gone past half the day. Anyway, here’s the celebrant’s wish list: McDonald’s hotfudge sundae — THANK YOU, NAIKA! McDonald’s LARGE! French fries Strawberries Oranges 😀 Taho Keroro Gunsou plushies […]