Sleepless weekend

I was up Saturday night to Sunday morning as I watched the boyfriend and his friends play Love Letter. I think I used up all my energy until Monday evening when I really shut down after dinner. šŸ˜ Since I stopped bringing my Mac Air to the office, I couldn’t blog (or anything else nonwork-related) […]

Gratitude Mondays: November 23

I’m aware that I missed last week’s Gratitude Mondays. I was exhausted from the weekend, so I felt like skipping tasks thereafter. Anyway, I’m not going to miss today’s gratitude post. šŸ™‚ The reasons I was busy last weekend was, first, because of the Abaddon (Manila) Anomaly last Nov. 14. Similar to last year’s anomaly, […]

Supposed birthday photo (No, not in a birthday suit.)

I post selfies on my birthdays, but forgot to do it this year and even taking one. I thought I should post this instead because it’s too hilarious not to share. XD; So embarrassing! My Aunt took that photo when we were in Milan. In the previous years, I always had celebrations scheduled. There’s that […]

A birthday wish list

I know I’m late, but I have found it difficult to stay awake past 11PM ever since a couple of weeks ago. After dinner I would usually talk to my Mom until around 10PM then I would be too lazy to do anything afterwards. I don’t want to open Thomas (my Air) anymore after being […]

Birthday ‘report’ :D

It takes a broken memory card to force me to write my post-birthday post. Ugh, I’ve lost the pictures of my special day and so many others. I’ve been very sad about it over the weekend. Not to mention, I was sick. Thankfully, the boyfriend has been consoling and eeping me company as I patiently […]

Birthday, board games, and MRT adventures

Since the other day I’ve been so exhausted and annoyed. The couple of nights’ sleep hasn’t been enough. I’ve been itching to smoke even, but my laziness and not wanting my hair to smell of cigarette smoke is keeping me from doing so. I’m getting cranky that I’m hating myself. So now I’m trying to […]

Another birthday wish list

In less than 24 hours, it will be my happy happy birthday. Imma whip up another b-day wish list. šŸ˜€ Peanuts: A Golden Celebration Star Wars Darth Vader Scale Helmet Pink Breast Cancer Edition Paul Frank figure Star Wars LED Torch (I want the Darth Vader more than the trooper.) “Grow Your Own Sunflowers” SwiftKey […]