Sleepless weekend

I was up Saturday night to Sunday morning as I watched the boyfriend and his friends play Love Letter. I think I used up all my energy until Monday evening when I really shut down after dinner. 😐 Since I stopped bringing my Mac Air to the office, I couldn’t blog (or anything else nonwork-related) […]

Gratitude Mondays: November 23

I’m aware that I missed last week’s Gratitude Mondays. I was exhausted from the weekend, so I felt like skipping tasks thereafter. Anyway, I’m not going to miss today’s gratitude post. 🙂 The reasons I was busy last weekend was, first, because of the Abaddon (Manila) Anomaly last Nov. 14. Similar to last year’s anomaly, […]

Supposed birthday photo (No, not in a birthday suit.)

I post selfies on my birthdays, but forgot to do it this year and even taking one. I thought I should post this instead because it’s too hilarious not to share. XD; So embarrassing! My Aunt took that photo when we were in Milan. In the previous years, I always had celebrations scheduled. There’s that […]