• Gratitude Log

    Gratitude Mondays: November 23

    I’m aware that I missed last week’s Gratitude Mondays. I was exhausted from the weekend, so I felt like skipping tasks thereafter. Anyway, I’m not going to miss today’s gratitude post. πŸ™‚ The reasons I was busy last weekend was, first, because of the Abaddon (Manila) Anomaly last Nov. 14. Similar to last year’s anomaly, it rained in spite that it was very sunny in the morning and early afternoon. Our Korean teammate couldn’t believe that what we dreaded did happen. ^^;;; Our team met the night before the anomaly to get fully acquainted. I made new friends including the Korean who gave us each portable fans. It’s the best…

  • Vlogs

    Abaddon Manila

    My Abaddon story: The night before the anomaly, I had a dream of hacking portals and acquiring an MUFG Capsule, which caused a leg spasm out of excitement. I ended up playing in the anomaly with stiff muscles in my right leg. After mugs and mugs of coffee, I finished my Abaddon Manila vlog. There wouldn’t be this without ENL PH, Team Mon and Pumba from the Abaddon Anomaly, and Archie who created the collage. πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy and please ‘thumbs up’ on YouTube if you did.