Surviving in dreams and my new darling Giroro

Last night I had the weirdest dream about traveling to another country and getting shot numerous times. I was with Rotch (of magnetic-rose.net) and we were headed to an event. She warned me about roaming armed men. They would shoot at anyone for no reason. I guess Rotch was already a familiar face because, when we came across two men, they ignored her. Those men spoke to me in Russian. I tried to explain that I only spoke English and why we were there, but they really didn’t care. One of the guys started shooting at my side. I haven’t experienced being shot (nor would I want to), so I didn’t feel a thing in the dream.

I was in a clinic or hospital in the next scene. It seems I was shot on my right ear and numerous times on the right arm. The doctor told me that I might have hearing problems in the long run. The news didn’t seem to bother me, so I just left. Then I saw my family and relatives who didn’t seem to care about what happened to me. They said that the only way to keep those violent men away is to stick around foreign soldiers or be accompanied by them.

Since I decided not to go to the event anymore, I went with the family to go back wherever our home was. I got lost. It sucks that even in my dreams that happens to me. *lol* I guess you can figure out what happened to me. 😐 I kept getting shot, but I kept surviving. The dream ended with my Papa bear waking me up. He was angry because I slept only in my bra. *rofl*

A few nights ago, I had a dream that I knew how I was going to die — I was going to be stabbed on the chest by a bolo. I could have prevented that from happening, but it still did. The movie reminded me of The Time Traveler’s Wife. I guess that movie caused the dream since I just watched that then.

Before I slept and had that shooting-spree-in-Russia dream, I camwhored for a while with my Giroro pillow. I ordered this with the Pikachu earmuffs I showed you guys last time. In Plurk & Twitter, that is. You guys remember that? Anyway, here’s the Giroro pillow:

Giroro and I :D
Excuse me for looking like a mess. XD;

The pillow is big. Notice how I could barely fit in the picture when I show the whole thing? I can, at the same time, hug and rest my head on it. It also smells like a guy and did an awesome job of covering my boobs. *lol*


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