Supposed birthday photo (No, not in a birthday suit.)

I post selfies on my birthdays, but forgot to do it this year and even taking one. I thought I should post this instead because it’s too hilarious not to share. XD;

Happy birthday to me!!!
Happy birthday to me!!!

So embarrassing! My Aunt took that photo when we were in Milan.

In the previous years, I always had celebrations scheduled. There’s that with the family then with friends then with co-workers… This year, most of who I would want to be with have too busy schedules. But I had a nice dinner and coffee with my Mom, brother, and boyfriend. (My Dad was on Viber. LOL) Being with them on my birthday was enough. πŸ™‚ Oh, I was also touched by all those who remembered my birthday without the need for Facebook reminders. I’m grateful. Another year older and I don’t feel it! Except this frickin’ neck and shoulder pain. =_=

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