My Mother bought me a ring with a sunflower design years ago. A few hours earlier, I lost it. πŸ™

My family and I watched the last full show Sherlock Holmes in Glorietta 4. My second time to see it. Anyway, I was about to get my green tea, when I heard something hit either the floor or the left arm rest. The first thing that crossed my mind was that my bracelet could have hit the arm rest, so I didn’t let it bother me. Then I felt my right forefinger. My sunflower ring was missing.

I became bothered after I went to the washroom. You know that incomplete feeling similar to when you wear your favorite watch and then you forget it at home? For me, it felt like I lost a finger. -_- Using my cellphone as a light, I looked over the non-carpeted area around me. No luck. I thought my first hunch could be right. Also, I could have just forgotten it at home.

I’m so dead wrong. I checked the spot where I placed my rings before I played the guitar. Not there. Not in my bag either. πŸ™ *sighs* That sunflower ring is one of my favorites because it’s a sunflower! I ♥ sunflowers. πŸ™

Sorry if I seem to make a big deal out of this. It’s just special to me as it was given by my Mother.


  • sachur8

    i’m sorry to hear you lost one of the significant possessions you have. i lost a similar thing which my mother gave me as well.. it was an “L” shaped pendant which she bought in Singapore. πŸ™ maybe next time, let’s be aware of our things. πŸ™‚

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