Sunday dream and shoot + Aunt’s sweet reply

I had this super weird dream about me and my Mother in a car crash. We were going so fast along EDSA. I’m not sure who drove. Both of us were alive thankfully except we had deep wounds. In spite of that, we weren’t in any pain. That’s the first weird thing. Second, I was carrying a baby. I held him as if he was my own. Maybe so, but I have no idea. The weirdest in this weird dream was that the baby was licking my wounds. Babies’ saliva can heal — that was said in the dream. I woke up with that thought. The rest of the day felt weird then.

MSE Park [2009-1213] 002

Marco, Maru, and I did a last-minute plan to shoot on Sunday night. Well, it wasn’t actually last minute since I’ve invited friends. Only that Google Wave doesn’t seem to be serving its purpose for them. *lol* Jan and Marco were the only ones game, but Jan backed out at the last minute. Good thing Maru joined in or the tenshun would have increased between me and Marco if only the two of us pushed through. *rofl* XDDD

The shoot was at the park behind the Makati Stock Exchange. I like the lights on the trees. They also have Christmas-themed wind vanes. There should be a morning shoot because my night shots might be disastrous. I want great detailed shots of those wind vanes. 🙂

MSE Park [2009-1213] 001
Fail attempt using the panorama capability of the Omnia

This should be in a different post, but I might forget. Remember the bracelet my Aunt gave me? I emailed to thank her on the morning after I received it. This is a part of her reply:

I am happy that you liked the bracelet. How are things with you? I’ve heard that you are nurturing a broken heart…that is fine! God knows who is the right guy for you and the ones you are meeting now are just his instrument to learn from in preparation for the best one:) Take your time…empower yourself, love yourself and shine again so that you will attract the best ones. So be happy, the future will always be better! I am always right in this matter!

Sometimes, I can’t take her replies. Not that they’re bad. I’m not used to reading such especially when it’s about me. ^_^V

I am sure she’s right in that matter. I remember that she used to date a guy who suddenly went abroad. Later on, she met the guy she married. She now has two beautiful boys. One of who was thought to be my son. *lol*

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