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Staying in (Switzerland, Day 5)

Let’s take a break from a photo-heavy post.

The fifth day was another chance to relax (eventually my schedule got very busy). I stayed home and was alone for the most part. I took pictures of what I ate and drank, besides the house and environs of course, because they just had to be documented. LOL!

20150706_134438 20150706_134512
There was a huge bird that flew away when I sneezed. LOL

The heat was ridiculous. I didn’t think that I would be in Switzerland which I’ve known to have gloomy or cold weather and complain about the heat or even wear light clothing in.

20150706_134941 Swimming Pool

Pool time!

Showing my foot in that photo feels like I’m baring it all. For someone who’s into beauty and skin care, it doesn’t look like I’m taking care of my feet.

20150706_153752 Garden
I can’t be without coffee in a day
20150706_173357 Flan
Swiss choco flan ♥
20150706_174941 Teddy 20150706_174945 Teddy 20150706_174946 Teddy
20150706_200048 Panna Cotta
Panna Cotta from the grocery. Good stuff!
20150706_195736 Coca-Cola Life 20150706_200054 Coca-Cola Life
The drink of the _Enlightened_. 😉 #insidejoke

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