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St. Marc Cafe — To go back or not?

I remember when St. Marc Cafe opened in Greenbelt 3, for days there would be a long queue (even more particularly during weekdays). It took months and indecisiveness among the usual suspects to get us or me to try St. Marc Cafe.

20150606_223716 St. Marc Cafe 20150606_223730 St. Marc Cafe

20150606_223818 St. Marc Cafe 20150606_223757 St. Marc Cafe

Since my first (and only, so far) visit was last year, I forgot the names of the parfaits we ordered. The less colorful one I’m sure was mine and I shared it with my boyfriend. There was probably another order since there were four of us.

Don’t they all look so tasty and appetizing? To my dismay, as much as they look good in both photos and real life, they were huge disappointments. They were bland; they lacked any sweetness. We probably chose the wrong parfaits, or parfaits are just meh in the St. Marc Cafe menu, or whoever prepared these is just fail. Without the Batman Love Letter game, we would have struggled to finish them.

That’s why I didn’t return. I just happen to find these photos again, so I recalled that disappointing experience. But I’m reconsidering, if any St. Marc Cafe frequent visitors or fans out there could recommend anything besides parfaits. There are mixed reviews with many giving this a so-so/okay rating, but because those people had parfaits. I guess the parfaits are the issue. XD; So, yeah, recommendations please! xoxo

Or just tell me if I should never return. πŸ˜›

Oh, the branch we went to was at Greenbelt 3.


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