Souvenirs from London and US

I should be double-checking my luggage and hand-carry, but here I am blogging. πŸ™‚ I mentioned in my gratitude blog post that I want to share the goodies I received from my parents when they went to London and US. Also from my Aunt when my parents went to see her. These aren’t everything btw.

I got mugs and mugs from London. I think the parents had fun buying from the sidewalk vendors.

20160724_215912 Shot Glass from London

20160724_215847 Mugs from London

20160724_215949 Mugs from London

I think I would buy a lot too! I really like all their designs. Not everything’s for me, btw, but I just had to take photos. πŸ˜€

20160724_220245 Mugs from London

The cutest I received was this:

20161010_233301 Mr. Bean TY Bear

So cute! I actually have it with me in this trip. I also got this scarf from Bangladesh. Even after washing, it’s easy to twist it again like so in the photo. (I hope that made sense.)

20160725_080059 Deshi Scarf

And some from Bath & Body Works because I could never have enough.

20161010_233028 Bath & Body Works

I have a stock of the Warm Vanilla Sugar scented hand sanitizers. It’s my favorite among all the Bath & Body Works scents.

A body cream with Mr. Bean’s Teddy. πŸ˜€

20161010_233158 Bath & Body Works & Mr. Bean TY Bear

That’s all, so far. I really need to get ready because my flight’s in a few hours. =_=

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