Some forgotten Bohol day 1 pics

After I realized that I forgot to upload the rest of my pictures (last two days) from my Bohol trip _last 2010_, it was also then that I found the following which are supposed to be part of the day 1 film pictures.

[singlepic id=778 w=500]
Sunset at Panglao

[singlepic id=779 w=500]

[singlepic id=780 h=500]
My second smoking area. The hammock is a win!

[singlepic id=781 w=500]
The pool at night

[singlepic id=782 h=500]
Jan, izzat you?

[singlepic id=783 w=500]
Uhh, I think Kat would be best to explain this picture. LOL

[singlepic id=784 h=500]

Just random pictures actually. Blurred at that too. ^^;;; Because I find LC-A+’s a bit tricky to use especially at night.

2 thoughts on “Some forgotten Bohol day 1 pics

  1. LOL forgot about that. I think we saw the, er, saw, at the massage table and made some joke about using it for the treatment. I think. Haha.

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