So much to do in a seemingly little time

I’m having a mug of avocado shake that I’ve been craving for so so long. I couldn’t find it in any restaurants or juice stations, so I just made one. Homemade avocado shake… Hmmm… :9 And it’s sugar-free! šŸ˜€ I think I will finish this before the blog post.

Anyway, it occurred to me once again that my blog is of the personal kind. My posts lately are all over as if a music mix of metal, dance, and ballad songs. Well, that could be someone’s preference, but I dislike the mess I’ve done here so I’ll try to be consistent and up-to-date. I’ll also make everything here more organised.

I’ve got the usual keeping me busy — Games, anime, books, work, and the boyfran who’s my buddy in nearly everything. Discovering restaurants and new food to try, watching movies from home or in theater, playing Ingress which I need not mention I guess, and playing board games too among many others.

#EpicSpellWars trial game with @archiedasal

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I also have Japanese school keeping me busy. My classes are only once a week, but I have to really put some time memorising vocabulary and practising Hiragana and Katakana. Sucks that at this age, the memory can be a fail. Classes have been fun so far. It’s true that even though I have been self-studying, formal classes can help you further.

I did mention that the boyfriend has joined me in discovering food places. Hehe- Last month, I discovered a coffee shop in San Lorenzo. This caught my eye because it was different and it didn’t seem as noisy as that famous coffee shop here *coughsStarbuckscoughs* So I asked the boyfriend out on a Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t noisy and I’ve lost count of how many cutie guys came in.


I should bring my friends over here some time soon. šŸ™‚ Speaking of friends, I’m grateful for the opporunities lately that I get to catch up or hang out (as soon as time permits) with my friends from more than ten years ago. Phoebe is a given, of course. There’s Korky who was also our classmate back in our Rosenan days. We haven’t hung out with her for years after high school graduation. It’s awesome we get to talk and hang out again. I’m always excited to be with these ladies. I’m proud to have them part of my life. Around a couple of weeks ago, I along with the boyfran met up with them for a dinner which turns out to be sort of fancy after hours of deciding where to eat. XD

Caffe Puccini 10

Caffe Puccini 11

Caffe Puccini 07

I’ll leave the rest of the pictures in another post. šŸ˜€

With my parents back for the time being, I had more in my plate. I began playing golf. It has been three or four years since I last held a golf club. I have no pictures of me golfing (yet) because, uhh, no.

That’s about it so far. Work is still somehow the same. I’m currently the office’s photographer and layout artist again. Not complaining, but I didn’t think that I get to do for work what I like to do as a hobby. ^^;;;

Late dinner ????#foodporn

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Workshop by Ateneo de Manila on Inclusive Development #nofilter

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#nofilter #MelissaConquerstheWorld @melissaphilippines

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My Instagram is currently public, so follow me if you’re interested to know what I’m up to without having to wait for blog updates. šŸ˜€

(And my mug has been empty since halfway. XD)

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