*sniff* i wonder how long

*sniff* i wonder how long burigs will let me wait for her to connect. maii eyes are already getting tired & it kinda stings. –;;; anywayz, there’s not much to say. i got a quiz on monday in physics. it would be multiple choice!! XDDD yeah!! i won’t have to worry that much now. ^^ i gotta review also for chemistry because i got late in class yesterday, so i hardly understood the topic. –;; darn cab drivers. too slow.

i just saw jtl’s enter the dragon vid. O_______O tony’s sekshii in it!! ahahahahahah~ soO cool! i’ll prolly have split files posted up so you guys could also watch it. ^^ it’s only 9mb anywayz. with my slow connection, it took me only an hour. ^_~

that’s the only happy thing that happened to me. –;;;