Sneezing code and lulz acronyms

I started sorting and cleaning my clutter some time last year, but never got it done. Those I got to sort out added to the messy state my room was in. But since I had the room repainted, it was a good opportunity to restart sorting and cleaning. Then I thought I shall share some of what I find from my stuff. Like these:

Sneezing code 01

Sneezing code 02

LOL I must have been in grade school when I copied these. I don’t remember if I actually believed that shit, but I do know that maybe someone is talking about you at the moment you sneeze. 😛

I still have lots to do, but I have to take it easy. My body is very sore that a slight touch is painful. I shall do what I can that doesn’t require too much physical effort. 😐 Before that, here’s something I got from Kat’s Tumblr many moons ago.

  • ITALY – I Trust And Love You

  • IMUS – I Miss U, Sweetheart

  • BALIWAG – Beauty And Love I Will Always Give

  • HOLLAND – Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies

  • PARIS – Please Always Remember I’m Sincere

  • ROME – Remember Our Memorable Evenings

  • JAPAN – Just Always Pray At Night

  • LIBYA – Love Is Beautiful; You Also

  • FRANCE – Friendship Remains And Never Can End

  • CHINA – Come Here, I Need Affection

  • PINAS – Promise I’m Nice And Sweet

  • KOREA – Keep Optimistic Regardless of Every Adversity

  • KENYA – Keep Everything Nice Yet Arousing

  • MALABON – May A Lasting Affair Be Ours Now

  • MANILA – May All Nights Inspire Love Always

  • CANADA – Cute And Naughty Action Develops Attraction

  • PASIG – Please Always Say I’m Gorgeous!

  • CEBU – Change Everything, But Us

  • BURMA – Between Us, Remember Me Always

  • TONDO – Tonight’s Our Night, Dearest One

  • INDIA – I Nearly Died In Adoration!

  • EGYPT – Everything’s Great, You Pretty Thing!

  • RUSSIA – Romance Under the Sky & Stars is Intimate Always

  • PARANAQUE – Please Always Remain Adorable, Nice And Quiet Under Ecstacy

  • PASAY – Pretty And Sexy, Are You?

  • MARLBORO – Men Always Remember Love Because Of Romance Only

  • PERU – Porget Everyone… Remember Us

  • SINGAPORE – Sex Is Needed; Gals Are Priceless; Orgies R Excellent

  • YEMEN – Yugyugan Every Morning, Every Night

  • PHILIPPINES – Pumping Hot I Love It! Please, Please, I Need Erotic Stimulation

From corny yet still amusing to just senseless perversion. *facepalms*

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