Smashing Pumpkins – By Starlight

Lookie! Queer God

*rofl* How did I become a queer GOD?!

I’m really a crazy biatch. Ugh~ You can’t believe what I just did, but it’s still embarassing to share. XP I’m also annoyed by it. Argh~ I don’t know if I was really out of my mind earlier or he was trying to get me freaking annoyed!!! Gotta.forget.that.dude.Ugh.

My dad got Audition for me from Streamload, but he said it’s prolly a corrupt file. Why would they host corrupt files?! *gah* What a waste of download. XP Hopefully he gets to copy it asap. It’s not even on cd, so it’s weird.

I’m going back to my skinning addiction before. ^^ Surely my works would be for my eternal wish site. Oops, don’t go there yet!! It’s not fully up yet. (Got exams and other things, so I couldn’t fully concentrate on it.) If you’re interested with skinning, this one is prolly helpful. I didn’t download their tutorial ‘coz I have my own way of skinning. I’ll prolly make a very simple tutorial (skinning with PSP and other apps) if time permits me. Any of you guys interested? ^.^ I still have to finish this crappy HYD winamp skin. It’s been on hiatus for too long. πŸ˜› I can’t wait to share it with fellow HYD fans. Please don’t expect any flashy though. It’s really simple…and I think I oughtta change the buttons. I just wish I have lots of time to do some modifications. *bleh* I’ve been wishing too much already.

Moonlit Midnight is getting very interesting. I can’t wait to make a review for it. ^.^ I gotta change my way of reviewing fics. I mean, they’re not pretty helpful for the authors. *sweatdrop*

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